Simulations of High Harmonic Fast Wave Heating on the C-2U Advanced Beam-Driven Field-Reversed Configuration Device

October 2017 | EPJ Web Conference | Paper

Numerous efforts have been made at Tri-Alpha Energy (TAE) to theoretically explore the physics of microwave electron heating in field-reversed configuration (FRC) plasmas. For the fixed 2D profiles of plasma density and temperature for both electrons and thermal ions and equilibrium field of the C-2U machine, simulations with GENRAY-C ray-tracing code have been conducted for the ratios of / ci[D] in the range of 6 – 20.

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Effects of Ionization on Beam Parallel Component and Beam-Driven Perpendicular Modes

October 2017 | APS-DPP | Poster

Experiments indicate beam-driven mode in the vicinity of the ion cyclotron frequency š¯‘›=1 seen at low š¯›½ā€”conditions typically found in C2U FRC scrape-off layer and outbound of separatrix.

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Magnetohydrodynamic transport characterization of a Field Reversed Configuration

September 2017 | Physics of Plasmas | Paper

The transport phenomenon of a Field Reversed Configuration (FRC) is studied using the newly developed two-dimensional code Q2D, which couples a magnetohydrodynamic code with a Monte Carlo code for the beam component. The simulation by Q2D of the transport parallel to the simple open h-pinch fields and its associated outflow phenomenon shows an excellent agreement with one of the leading theories, elevating the Q2D validity and simultaneously deepening the theoretical understanding of this fundamental process.

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Drift-wave stability in the field-reversed configuration

August 2017 | Physics of Plasmas | Paper

Gyrokinetic simulations of C-2-like field-reversed configuration (FRC) find that electrostatic drift- waves are locally stable in the core. The stabilization mechanisms include finite Larmor radius effects, magnetic well (negative grad-B), and fast electron short circuit effects.

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