Field-Reversed Configuration Magnetic Containment Device

Magnetic field lines (shown in black) enclose the FRC target. This object slides easily along the outer guide field while maintaining its internal structure and thermal insulation.

C-2W Vessel Concept

Tri Alpha Energy’s next device, called C-2W, will focus on demonstrating sustainment of advanced beam- driven FRCs at elevated temperatures.

C-2U Device Illustration

The C-2U machine is the world’s largest compact toroid (CT) device. At 20 meters in length, a diameter up to 1.4 meters, and with hundreds of ports, the device routinely achieves vacuum pressures nearly 1 trillionth of atmospheric pressure. Magnetic fields with strengths up to 3.5 Tesla guide and confine plasma, while pulsed power systems deliver approximately 1 megajoule of energy in microseconds, forming and accelerating CTs to 600,000 miles per hour.

Peak Inside the C-2U Machine

Tri Alpha Energy is uniquely structured to allow accelerated learning to be controlled and to create a viable power plant.

Transformers – Components of C-2U

Attention to detail while creating thousands of custom components has led to high reliability and machine uptime. The transformers (shown above) used in plasma creation have withstood voltages of over 50 kV for more than seven years with no failures.

Divertor Vessels on C-2U

Divertor vessels, which are located at both ends of the C-2U device, house the plasma guns and bias electrodes – the key instruments for plasma stability control.

Compact Toroid Injector Test Stand

To refuel the main plasma, Tri Alpha Energy’s Compact Toroid injector produces a hot plasmoid and launches it, at more than 100 km/s, into the FRC.

Michl Binderbauer and Toshiki Tajima Giving a Tour of Tri Alpha Energy

Michl Binderbauer, Chief Technology Officer, left, and Toshiki Tajima, Chief Science Officer, give a tour of Tri Alpha Energy. Dr. Michl Binderbauer is the architect of Tri Alpha Energy’s research and development program and is a co-inventor of many of the company’s technological advancements.

Photographer Matt Masin, The Orange County Register

Toshiki Tajima and Michl Binderbauer

Michl Binderbauer, Chief Technology Officer, right, and Toshiki Tajima, Chief Science Officer, show The Orange County Register a tour of Tri Alpha Energy. Tri Alpha Energy is proud to have these two leaders its team. Dr. Toshiki Tajima has worked on the physics of Field Reverse Configuration (FRC) for many years.

Photographer Matt Masin, The Orange County Register

Michl Binderbauer at Tri Alpha Energy

The Tri Alpha Energy team, located in southern California, includes a diverse group of 160 people including leading physicists, engineers and other experts from 25 countries.

Photographer Matt Masin, The Orange County Register