Tri Alpha Energy – Corporate Video

Tri Alpha Energy is leading the path to clean fusion-powered electricity. In this video, you can view the fast-paced environment where we are working to create a commercially competitive fusion-powered electricity technology. Our international team of engineers and scientists share how we are working together to carry out our distinct philosophy of “fast to fusion”.

Science Magazine’s Video on Tri Alpha Energy

Science Magazine shared our advances in fusion energy. Secretive fusion energy company makes steady-state breakthrough.

Tri Alpha Energy Animation

Watch an animation of Tri Alpha Energy’s C-2U machine in action. C-2U is 23 meters long. The machine forms two smoke rings of plasma and fires them toward the middle to merge into a bigger FRC. There they turn kinetic energy into heat.

Plasma Formation Process

Experimental measurements (top panel) compared to a LamyRidge simulation (bottom panel), both shown in cylindrical cross section. In the top panel the blue dots show the FRC envelope inferred from experimental diagnostics. In the bottom panel, the blue dots show the “virtual diagnostics” version of the FRC envelope. This can be compared to the thick black line which is the actual FRC envelope in the simulation.