TAE Technologies

Norman, our fifth-generation machine, posthumously named after Dr. Rostoker, will advance our research into the Hot Enough (HE) component of the HELE milestone.

TAE Technologies

Creating fusion energy requires a superheated and contained plasma environment in which particles can fuse, releasing massive amounts of energy.

TAE Technologies

The challenge that’s long bedeviled physicists on the path to fusion power is sustaining the reaction at sufficiently high energy for a long enough period of time.

TAE Technologies: FRC Technology

TAE Technologies has taken significant steps toward the engineering integration of the FRC technology and has operated this national lab-scale machine, which in many aspects resembles a future power plant.

Photographs by Erik Lucero, Copyright 2016

Toshiki Tajima and Michl Binderbauer

Michl Binderbauer, Chief Technology Officer, right, and Toshiki Tajima, Chief Science Officer, show The Orange County Register a tour of TAE Technologies. TAE Technologies is proud to have these two leaders its team. Dr. Toshiki Tajima has worked on the physics of Field Reverse Configuration (FRC) for many years.

Photographer Matt Masin, The Orange County Register