TAE Technologies

The illustrious TAE Technologies team includes physicists, engineers and deep specialists in areas like FRC plasma theory and science; accelerator and beam physics; control and simulations; magnets, pulsed power and electronics; diagnostics; and ultra-high vacuum technologies.

Michl Binderbauer, chief technology officer, left, and Toshiki Tajima, chief science officer, give a tour of Tri Alpha Energy.

Toshiki Tajima and Michl Binderbauer

Michl Binderbauer, Chief Technology Officer, right, and Toshiki Tajima, Chief Science Officer, show The Orange County Register a tour of TAE Technologies. TAE Technologies is proud to have these two leaders its team. Dr. Toshiki Tajima has worked on the physics of Field Reverse Configuration (FRC) for many years.

Photographer Matt Masin, The Orange County Register